South West Slates specialise in creating images that pleasure the eyes and then print and press these images to Natural Rock Slate.

Via their website they offer various collections of Custom Designed Photo Slates featuring images from West Bay and some unique designs from their own artists at SWS.

Their Slates make wonderful photo gifts for any occasion and are a perfect way to display your memories. They are printed in high quality and come with presentation stands for displaying on a desk, table, shelf or any other place in a home or office.


An unfinished edge gives the Photo Slates a naturalistic quality that enhances the beauty of any image. Because they use fine quality slate, the photographic prints are highly durable and resistant to scratching.

Check out their collection of West Bay slates.

As well as the Custom Designs they also offer Personalised Photo Slates allowing the customer to upload their own photos to be put onto slates.They also deal with the image editing side of things to make sure the finished product is as good as it can be.

visit - www.southwestslates.co.uk